Structural monitoring under extreme conditions

The next-generation materials, for the construction sector, will start our progression away from "heavy & brainless" structural parts and towards multifunctional products. Functionality will be incorporated into fiber-reinforced composites for sensor technology, energy storage and energy harvesting among others. Printed electronic active / passive sensors for structural control and real-time monitoring of structural behavior of fiber reinforced polymer composite materials will increase their exploitation extending operational lifetime, reliability and robustness well above from the curre...

Decorative intelligent surfaces

The wearable and interior design markets are growing and changing fast, where a huge effort is being placed on implementation of electronic / intelligent functionalities. There are many novel devices, representing this trend, however, there are still many challenges. A major challenge is to optimize sensor and antenna components, which will require tailored nanomaterials.

Focus will be...

Smart Dashboard

The concept here is to develop technologies that can embed electronic functions such as touch and lighting inside the plastic components, getting rid of mechanical buttons which will result in a more slick and futuristic look.  

The main challenge will be to make printed electronic components that can then be inserted into MAIERS injection moulding process, without damaging the flexible print nor the mounted components.

The implementation of embedded printed electronics will result in:

  • Demonstrate 15-20 % reduced production...

Intelligent Labels


Grafietic want to develop smart labels, which will be applied to packaging solutions. The purpose is to explore possibilities such as printed displays to indicate the best before date, printed RFID antenna, temperature and freshness sensors and possibly electroluminescent displays.

The main challenges here will be to reach target price solutions, due to low cost of current packaging solutions, especially for consumer goods. Focus will be on using high volume production methods together with low cost materials such as nanocopper based inks. 

A target of implem...