Sustainable Innovations Europe SL /Madrid Calle Lagasca, 95, 28006, Spain
SIE will provide economic and business planning services in both phase 1 and 3.

We Help With These Phases





SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS EUROPE is a Business Engineering SME. The team is formed by business experts focused on the market uptake of innovations, engineers and communication experts. The technical team has more than 10 years of experience in European research collaborative projects. The main goal of Sustainable Innovations is to fill the gap between research activities and market implementation. Our job consists of bringing forward sustainable ideas into profitable and environmentally friendly business models. We are experts in research to market, business strategies and sustainable communication methods. We help organizations promote their innovations under a sustainable and circular economy thinking method. The core competencies offered by SUSTAINABLE INNOVATIONS which are associated with the connection between research activities are structured in four main pillars; Research2Market, Business Strategy, Communication and Training.