Axia Innovation UG /Zenettistraße 49, 80337 München, Germany
AXIA will support capacity building to ensure sustainability to LEE-BED. AXIA will provide IPR services in phase 3.

We Help With These Phases

AXIA Innovation offers high added value services specialized in accompanying and supporting companies in all phases of business development and product’s commercialization. Located in Germany, we pride ourselves in engineering excellence, creating business opportunities for entrepreneurs, independent enterprises and academic institutions. Our company strives to offer a comprehensive approach, responding to customer needs in the most effective way, from strategic thinking to project implementation. AXIA Innovation is built from the synergy between four main service lines: project management, innovation management, knowledge transfer, and communication and design. AXIA offers services and technology transfer targeting business development, coordination and implementation. This is achieved by offering holistic concepts to develop projects and networks supporting businesses in a sustainable European  community. AXIA provides insightful, timely and focused research on Engineering solutions and services. Liaising with stakeholders, companies and public institutions in the implementation of technological innovations.