Teknologi & Produkt Udvikling AS

www.tpu.dk /Mølledamsvej 10 DK-3460 Birkerød, Denmark
TPU will provide technology screening and modelling services in phase I.

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TPU was established in 1990 by two partners. Today it is led by a group of four partners, and has a dedicated staff of 15. The projects undertaken by TPU are typically related to product development for its customers, in regard to manufacturing equipment. TPU has developed more than 600 projects for approximately 60 national and international clients, some being large manufacturing companies. Some of these projects targeted development of manufacturing technology, which has strengthened TPU’s skills for analysis, innovation, concept creation and advanced technology. TPU’s projects cover topics such as immediate problem solving in running production, or even designing, completing and implementing entirely new production machinery. Project management and control of sub-suppliers are integral parts of these types of TPU projects. The hardware varies from a single production machine up to 20-30 production machines.